Enchanted Royal Ball 2023

CIS Christmas Special 2023: Enchanted Royal Ball Casts Magical Spell on Attendees

December 15, 2023 – CIS Event Hall: A wondrous morning filled with enchantment and holiday cheer welcomed guests at the CIS Christmas Special, featuring the highly-anticipated Enchanted Royal Ball. Dressed in their finest royal attire, the halls of the prestigious school were transformed into a fairytale setting, radiating with joy and fanciful delight.

The gala event brought together the entire CIS community – the dedicated staff, passionate teachers, and talented students – who all gleefully embraced the magical atmosphere. The day was a true showcase of elegance and grace, as everyone transformed into charming princes and princesses, exuding the grace and warmth of the holiday spirit.

Each class showcased their exceptional talents during the grand event, presenting spellbinding performances that left the audience in awe. From dazzling dance routines to heartwarming song numbers, the student’s dedication and aptitude were on full display, captivating everyone in the room.

The highlight of the day came in the form of a magnificent royal dance called “Cotillion.” Our honored guests, elegantly attired in their regal costumes, gracefully glided across the floor, filling the room with an air of sophistication and nostalgia. The royal dance was a true testament to the hard work and training put in by both students and their instructors.


Adding a touch of enchantment, Santa Claus made a theatrical appearance, bringing joy and laughter to the young and old alike. Delighted children eagerly lined up to encounter the famed figure, whispering their secret holiday desires in his ear. Santa Claus, with his jolly disposition, brought smiles aplenty and filled the hearts of the attendees with the true essence of the season.

Drenched in the spirit of giving, the CIS Christmas Special did not fall short on generosity. The event included a grand gift-giving ceremony, where students and staff exchanged presents, symbolizing the love and gratitude that permeates the CIS community. The joy of giving was evident on every face, as each gift was met with beams of happiness and gratefulness.

Complementing the enchanting affair was a book fair situated outside the event hall, much to the delight of parents and students. The fair showcased an array of enticing books and toys, offering an opportunity for families to further indulge in the festivities by purchasing gifts for loved ones. The fair served as a reminder of the importance of education and the joys of reading, encapsulating the spirit of lifelong learning and curiosity.

The CIS Christmas Special 2023: Enchanted Royal Ball has truly etched itself in the memories of those in attendance. As the night concluded, the joyous atmosphere filled the hearts of all, reminding them of the true meaning of the season – the joy of coming together and celebrating the magic of togetherness.

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