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Unmatched academic standards, diverse extracurricular activities, and experienced teachers await. Experience a well-rounded education that will shape your child’s future.


Established in 2017, Central International School provides immersive student-centered, active learning through a comprehensive U.S. California Curriculum (optional second languages Thai and Chinese) combining academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and real-world experiences. At Central International School, your child will be more alert, confident, develop a love for learning, and shape themselves in a stimulative and happy environment.

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The prime reason for us to be the best choice for non-native English speaking kids and for the child starting school.

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We pride ourselves to have the most caring, passionate and professional teachers.

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CIS's Biggest Asset: Ensuring Excellence
in both Chinese and English Language Learning

CIS最大的特色 : 确保你的孩子英文和中文的学习顶呱呱,迈向卓越人生 !

Curriculum at Central International School

(With Optional Second Languages Thai and Chinese)


For ages 2 - 6- year- olds. CIS’ distinctive education lies in the various interactive English games for young learners. Our goal is to ensure that every child, especially English beginners, can quickly master the English language. At CIS, your child will learn and develop under the safest and most loving environment.


For ages 7 - 12- year- olds. CIS embraces a student-centered American approach, fostering joy and effectiveness through innovative activities like projects, discussions, and experiments. Rooted in lifelong learning, we ensure students excel academically while creating unforgettable growth experiences.

Mother and Baby Play Group

For infants and toddlers ages 9 - 36 months. Through hundreds of sensory integration, early Montessori, visual/listening stimulation and other rich brain development courses and activities, your little one will surely grow in a joyful and magical environment!

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Central International School prides itself on being a welcoming and caring community, a proud legacy of providing exceptional educational opportunities, The academic development of your child is our first priority, and our devoted staff members demonstrate excitement, dedication, and advanced teaching abilities.

Every day, we work to provide an atmosphere where each student can succeed to the fullest extent possible.

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Summer Camp 2024

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 The school ground was filled with vibrant colors, happy faces, and lots and lots of water during the Songkran Celebtration 2024.
The highlight of the day was the epic water fight! Everyone was drenched from head to toe, but it was all worth it for the laughter and joy we shared. 

Latest News

Central International School (CIS) hosted the highly anticipated Dragons Cup 2024. This half-day event brought together students, parents, and faculty members for a day filled with exciting activities and friendly competition.

The Graduates

Congratulations class of 2024! You have accomplished something truly amazing. Use the knowledge and skills you have gained to make a difference in the world.

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We Are One Of The BEST!

At Central School Bangkok, your child will be more alert, confident, and fulfilling all the sensual and intellectual needs necessary. We guarantee a high quality American Education in a fast learning progress. 

Students from over 10 countries

We Are One Of The BEST

Our international school offers students from different cultures and backgrounds a unique opportunity to learn and grow together.

Join a diverse student body and experience an unparalleled education at one of the top international schools in Bangkok.

Dragons in Action


The safety and protection of students are important to Central International School Bangkok.

All employees and guests are required to abide by our school’s child safety policy.

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Summer Camp 2024

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