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Kindergarten is a crucial milestone for both you and your child. Children are given opportunity to succeed in all areas of development in kindergarten, laying a solid foundation for their future academic endeavors.

CIS offers opportunities for learning via play and social engagement. Additionally, it offers a framework of belonging, being, and becoming, enabling kids to develop into confident learners in a secure and encouraging atmosphere. Children learn more about themselves, their families, their cultures, their environments, and the larger community in kindergarten.

The goal of CIS is to advance your child’s growth in important areas.

  • Through independence and opportunity to explore their emotions and relationships with others, children develop a strong sense of identity.
  • By learning about their surroundings, other people’s cultures, and their own heritage, children may connect with and contribute to the world around them.
  • By engaging in physical activity, developing practice and resilience, and having opportunity to improve decision-making abilities, children have a great sense of wellbeing.
  • Where they are challenged and motivated to explore, children are confident and active learners.
  • Children who are exposed to and participate in language in a variety of circumstances and resources are competent communicators.

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Central International School prides itself on being a welcoming and caring community, a proud legacy of providing exceptional educational opportunities, The academic development of your child is our first priority, and our devoted staff members demonstrate excitement, dedication, and advanced teaching abilities.

Every day, we work to provide an atmosphere where each student can succeed to the fullest extent possible.

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