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What Parents Say About Us


Vistor & Louisa's Parent

K3 Class

I have the twin son and daughter studying at CISB, the words from the bottom of my heart, I really made the correct choices for their future.

Yuki & Yuta's Parent

K3 & K1 Class

The best kindergarten school, Teacher and assistants are very sweet, kind hearted, lovely and like a friend to all students.

Saatthvik's Parent

K1 Class

CISB is a very nice kindergarten school for academic education and extra curricular activities.

Chloe's Parent

K3 Class

I will have to give credit to the school and teachers for nurturing Chloe in such a caring, patient and thoughtful manner to the point that she is so eager to go to school everyday.

Nuan's Parent

K3 Class

She has good attitude about leaning and school because of all of CIS staffs and teachers.

Martin's Parents

K2 Class

Martin has grown, matured and integrated into a culture so different from ours thank to the work of everyone at CIS.

Skyler's Parent

K1 Class

Teacher & TA are very supportive about my child. Skyler has improved a lot from day 1 entering into CIS.

Beverly's Parent

K1 Class

Beverly's character is built and shaped by the teacher with love and care. She is now turned to a confident and kind girl.

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