Market Day 2023

Grade 2 - Grade 4

Market Day 2023: A Delightful Experience for Students and Parents

Market Day 2023, where dreams come to life, and big ideas turn into reality! It’s not just about mindlessly shopping till you drop or devouring mouth-watering treats; it’s also about showcasing the hidden talents of our very own student entrepreneurs.

Market Day 2023, a whirlwind of shopping, food, and fun. We’ve seen how students find hidden gems, indulge in mouth-watering treats, enjoy live performances, showcase their entrepreneurial ventures.

It’s a day like no other, where shopping skills are put to the test and taste buds embark on a culinary adventure.

Market Day 2023 truly is the ultimate event for students to unleash their inner shopaholic and embrace the joy of shopping with a sprinkle of entertainment. Cheers to another successful year!

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