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Summer Camp 2023

Elevate Your Summer with our Action-Packed Camp!

Why settle for just any run-of-the-mill summer camp when you can join the Super Fun Summer Camp at CIS? At CIS, we believe in making summer memorable for all the right reasons. Our camp is designed to help kids build new friendships, learn new skills, and most importantly, get outdoors and stay active. No one wants their kids to spend the summer cooped up indoors playing video games, right? So let’s dive in and find out why our camp is the place to be every summer!

Our little champs from nursery to K3 were out in the playground and guess what – they were exploring the world of dinosaur! The playground was decorated with exciting dino world themes and the students indulged in various activities about our prehistoric friends. From finding dinosaur eggs to roaring like them, they had a blast!
Our first field trip at the National Science Museum was a roaring success. We saw fossils of dinosaurs, dabbled in science experiments, examined the anatomy of the human body, gazed at skeletons of sea creatures, and marveled at wild animals. This is just the beginning, we have more trips planned throughout the summer camp!
Hey there, fellow adventurers! It’s time for another exciting update from KidVenture Week 2!  This week’s theme is all about exploring the wonders of the garden and enjoying a delightful picnic! Let’s dive in! 
During the first day of our garden and picnic adventure, our talented little chefs embraced their creativity and culinary skills as they prepared their own delicious snacks for the picnic!  From kneading the dough to toasting it just right, and finally spreading their favorite yummy toppings on their sandwiches – these young food enthusiasts had an absolute blast! 
Just imagine the joy beaming from their faces as they carefully crafted each bite, like little artists of lunchtime! The picnic was not only a feast for our taste buds but also a celebration of their newfound culinary accomplishments! It’s amazing to witness the talents these kids possess at such a young age!

On the first day, the students had a blast playing the blindfold Simon game, testing their hearing skills. But the real highlight was our DIY aquarium, where they were mesmerized by the sparkling lights and enchanting sound of sea animals. It was a magical underwater experience!

On the second day, our summer camp students had an amazing field trip to Sea Life Ocean World Siam. They were thrilled to see a diverse collection of sea animals at the aquarium. The joy on their faces was infectious. Seeing them enjoy every bit of this adventure made the CIS community proud and happy.

The party was a blast with appearances from Ms. Clown and Mickey the Magician. Our students showed up in their best costumes and had a blast playing carnival games. Who doesn’t love dressing up and having fun? We definitely did! 
The CIS community had an amazing day at the campus farm! Mr. Chicken was the star of the show and kept the students thoroughly entertained. From playing games to enjoying a farm-fresh picnic, every moment was spent with joy and laughter. 
The last field trip of Summer Camp 2023 was an unforgettable one! Our amazing students visited the Moori Moori Playfarm, an educational wonderland full of fun and learning.
At Moori Moori Playfarm, our curious kids explored fascinating farm animals, such as goose, pigs, goats, and chickens. They even had the opportunity to pet and feed them! 
With wide smiles and laughter, our young adventurers experienced the joy of farming. They learned firsthand about the importance of sustainable farming and how delicious farm-to-table produce can be! 
Let’s cherish these memories of friendship, laughter, and endless discoveries at Summer Camp 2023!

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