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Celebrating Chinese New Year at Central International School

Central International School is proud to organize and host the Dragon Chinese New Year Fun Fair, a vibrant celebration of Chinese culture and tradition. As an international school committed to providing a well-rounded education, we believe in fostering cultural understanding among our students.

Chinese New Year holds great significance for our school community, and we are excited to share the joy and excitement of this festive occasion with all students, teachers, and families. The Dragon Chinese New Year Fun Fair provides a platform for everyone to come together, learn, and celebrate.

By creating opportunities to experience Chinese customs and traditions, we aim to promote cross-cultural appreciation and create a sense of unity and diversity within our school. The Fun Fair serves as a bridge between cultures, allowing our students to learn about the rich heritage of Chinese New Year through immersive activities and engaging performances.

We are proud to showcase the talents and creativity of our students, who have been actively involved in the planning and preparation of the Fun Fair. From designing intricate dragon crafts to practicing traditional lion dances, our students have embraced the spirit of Chinese New Year with enthusiasm and dedication.

At Central International School, we believe that cultural celebrations play a vital role in shaping global citizens and fostering an inclusive community. The Dragon Chinese New Year Fun Fair is just one example of how we integrate cultural learning into our curriculum, ensuring that our students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for different traditions and customs.

Moreover, the cultural performances, catering to both non-native and native Chinese speakers, showcase the diverse and dynamic traditions of Chinese culture. It is a testament to the importance of preserving and sharing these traditions with future generations.

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